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1st Fanfic On Here!

Hey!;D Im here with my Ellie/Jt fanfic! It's a short story, I plan to
make alot with my favorite couples. I have the first 3 chapters
up. Enjoy!

Ps. This fanfic contains Spoilers for Back In Black. Please read
at your own risk=p

Ellie walked into her empty apartment. "Great..just what I need.." She sighed and placed    
  her keys on the table. She took a seat on the torn apart navy blue couch and picked up
  the phone. A few seconds later, she heard a loud and drunken voice, "Hello?!" "Uh..hi...
  is Sean there.." My heart skipped a beat and her voice was cracking. "Yea sure..   SEAN
PHONE" A loud shriek came into the phone. Seconds later, Sean answered. "Hello?"
"Sean..it's me.." It suddenly became quiet. "Uh..Sean?" It become quiet again. He took
a big breath and sighed. "Ellie..Im sorry..I cant..I cant go back. I need to stay here..with..
my parents. Wehave to break-" I didn't have time to here his sorry's. I hung up and tears
stung in my eye. I picked up the phone once more. "Ash. Im coming over.   See you in
twenty." I grabbed my keys and and took one last look at the apartment.


"RING" I groaned as the loud ring botherd me. I had a headache. I snapped my rubber
band fuirously. I couldn't take it.  An upset Ashley answered the door. "Ellie..I.." I look
over at her shoulder, and Craig is there. "Oh..I..um..see..I'll call you later.." Ash gives
me a look. I'll call you ina few look. She says goodbye, and shuts the door. I walk away,
tears in my eyes, and snapping my rubberband, as I feel a tiny spalsh of water on my
head. "Great.." Speaking to no one in perticular. And then..

I start to run. I don't know where. Somewhere. Any place thats not near here, a place
where I can..

Im inturuppted in my thoughts as a slam into someone.

"IM SORRY...LET ME HELP YOU UP" I look up to see Jt. Jt, the best friend of Toby.
Jt the author new comedy section in the Grapvine. Jt the drama play president.

"Oh, Ellie. Sorry. Didn't know it was you. Are you OK?" He gives out a hand, as I
grab it and he pulls me up. "I was just walking to Toby's house..If you want to
go to see Ash..you can come" I sigh. "Shes with Craig" I reply lamely. "Oh, well
um, where are you going?" "Oh..um..maybe to the Dot..not sure." He looks at
me for a little while. "Um, I can go for a soda..can I um, go with you? "Not like it
is a date.." He looks nervous and embarassed and I laugh softly. "Uh, yea,
sure" He smiles. "Oh and it's raining.." I give him a 'duh look' "No..really?!" He
gives me a face. "Well I was GOING to be nice and offer you my sweatshirt...."
Its raining. I don't have time for this. "Well" as a grab the sweatshirt from him.
"Thank You." "No problem. Um, lets get going."

We walk in silence until I look over at him, and he looks at me back. I smile
and he gives me a half-smile and nod. Then I look straight ahead, but out
of the corner of my, I can see him looking at me and smiling.


..."So then I said, thats not an elephant, thats my cousion!" I almost spit my
soda out. "Oh..wow that was so funny!" He smiled."Thanks" We look at
each other till a very loud Paige walks in followed by Spinner, Jimmy and
Hazel. "ELLIE!" A shriek called. Ugh, fabulous. "..AND JT?!"

As the come closer to our table, Jt gives me a 'what should I say?' look. I just
sit there. "Wow. Jt and Ellie. Cute, I must say." Jt looks up from his soda, that
he's been staring at. "Uhm..Paige, were not a couple. Were friends." He said.
Paige and Hazel gave sickly sweet smiles. "Oh, Ell, you don't need to lie!"
Hazel cried out from being behind Paige. Paige looked over at us and gave
us another smile. "Oh, we better be getting to our table. Bye cuties!" With that
she took her blonde hair, tight tweed jacket and big Fendi bag and sat with
her group.

"Sorry about that" Jt looked over at me. "It's ok Jt, not your fault." Theres some
silence until he breaks it with a loud cough. "Uhm..so..uh..why don't you ask
Sean to come here? We can all maybe go hang out or somethin'.." I notice
the hot tears are back. "We..broke up." He notices my tears to. "Oh..Ellie..Im..
sorry-" "It's fine." I answer back smoothly. "Look..if you ever wanna' talk I'm
here, k?" With that he took his thumb and wiped my tears. I smile and sniffle.
"Thanks.." We finish up our meal, which was two soda's and fries, and we
go outside. "Hm..isn't raining anymore. Thanks for the sweatshirt." I pass it
to him, and we walk. "Um, I can walk from my house from here, thanks." He
smiled. "No, I'll walk you, I don't mind." I smile and that's how our newly-found
friendship came.lj-cut>

I hope you like! I'll continue if I get feedback ;D
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